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The Importance of looking at business printing on your journey to Net Zero

There are several ways to get to Net Zero, but first, we need to be clear about what this means. Net Zero is the point at which you have no carbon footprint. The most common way of reaching Net Zero is through renewable technologies. These sources can be used in conjunction with other technologies such as LED Lighting, optimising, and updating your existing measures in order to reach this goal.

However, we need to look at less obvious areas to get to that Net Zero target!

One of these areas is printing. The first step to reducing your company’s carbon footprint is to find a print partner who truly believes in working towards Net Zero.

At UKEE our print partner, Digital Creative Services London Limited (DCS) actively play their part in delivering print in a more sustainable way to minimise their carbon footprint and the impact they have on the environment.

What are the benefits of using our sustainable print partner?

Paper – Our paper is sourced from suppliers that are FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified, meaning our paper stocks come from well managed sustainable forests, recycled paper, and other controlled sources: Visit to learn more:

Some paper related statistics – 8000 trees planted in 2021, created 3,698 sqm of native woodland and captured 148,000 tonnes of carbon.

Printing – The impact of using DCS print technology reduces paper waste by 59%, toner by 66% and energy costs by 71%, plus our de-inkability ensures we guarantee our paper can be recycled seamlessly.

Trees Planted

captured 148,000 tonnes of carbon

Paper Wastage

24 sheets - 10 sheets per 500

0 %
Ink Wastage

243g - 82g per 500 sheets

0 %

4.2 watts - 12 watts per 2 sided A4 paper

0 %


All our waste from all processes is recycled and re-used, including paper, ink, toner, and film which is converted into packaging

ISO accreditations – We are 14001 accredited, a globally recognised environmental standard.


How do you combine sustainable print and brand management?

Market research has shown that companies spend a lot of time, energy, and money on designing and refining their corporate brand and quite rightly become protective of their “brand guidelines”

Yet when it comes to producing printed matter the brand and sustainability can very quickly become diluted usually due to the following reasons:

  • Inexperienced individuals handling the print production process
  • Unsustainable, non FSC paper being used
  • Old technologies used in the manufacturing process which uses much more energy and creates more waste
  • The cheapest price option being sort after which again points to unsustainability and brand dilution
  • Brand guidelines not followed which can lead to reprints, more waste

What is the solution?

Using DCS’s Imperium fully sustainable, brand-compliant Digital Asset Management service will, without doubt, save you costs, give you time back to work on your core activities, and improve 100% how your branded products are produced in the most sustainable way.

To find out how UK Energy Efficiency and partners Can help and support you on your Net Zero journey with our digital print services leave your details in the form.


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