ESOS Phase 2 & Compliance

Understanding your energy data

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

UK Businesses have a mandatory requirement and duty to carry out energy audits across their sites incorporating a minimum of 90% of the total energy usage of the business.

Organisations criteria to comply

250 employees or more; OR an annual turnover exceeding €50 million, and an annual balance sheet total exceeding €43 million. Phase 2 audits will need to be completed by 5th December 2019; the data preparation period begins 1 January 2018 meaning it is time to act. In order to supply reports in time. However, if you have ISO50001 certification. Accredited sites are exempt from the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)
(as long  90% of your total energy use is covered).

Compliance ​

This will enhance your sustainability and carbon reduction targets and your future credibility when tendering for contracts and or reporting.  This helps demonstrate your organisation’s commitment and corporate responsibilities.  And will, of course, have a monetary benefit with clear ROI calculations, leading to reductions on ongoing maintenance costs too.  It can also help you reduce greenhouse gas emissions to meet an array of EU ETS, EPBD and CRC commitments you may or may not have.

Energy Audits will give you full control over your entire energy usage.  You would be amazed at what businesses think they use and what they actually use and why?

Reviewing your energy usage, to zoning areas and having bill validation, allow you to understand your entire assets and building infrastructure.  Just looking at this one measure alone can save a substantial amount depending upon your combined spends.  You can include: Electric|Gas|Oil|Water|Waste.

For example, understanding the cost to run your production line to optimise your HVAC and other measures within your buildings. It is important to build a long-term forecast plan on what your future costings will be when upgrading measures that no longer deliver their output and to keep up with the existing site assets.

Energy Audits can be based on Individual assets or which measure has the highest energy demand consumption or your entire estate’s portfolio. Planning a road map of future project values and ROI is key to delivering your carbon targets and reporting too.

Full Turnkey Solutions

From ISO Compliance to LED upgrades to multi-measure installations Battery/Energy storage | CHP | Solar PV | HVAC | DSR | BMS | Heat Pump | GSHP | Data capture metering | O&M | Monitoring – Bill Validation. The list is long, it will entirely be based upon your business sector and energy demands, along with future expansion plans.

Design | Install | Operate | Maintenance | Training

We can offer full life cycle replacement for the entire term of the contract EPC/ESCo or induvial measures. Guaranteeing long-term carbon and financial savings, this could be leased or full ownership.

Delivering a Centre of Excellence individually tailored to achieving your carbon targets. Supporting your Climate Change Levy, (CCL) the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC EES) and against the ever-rising energy costs.

Here to help, to guide and share best practice, most importantly to add value on your carbon reduction journey…

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